About Us

Global Bitcoin Investors is comprised of an entrepreneurial group of individuals with experience in computer programming, sales, marketing, brand development and corporate management. We share a passion for the global financial opportunity presented by the advent of bitcoin.

We strive to create partnerships with like-minded individuals and businesses to promote the understanding and use of bitcoin. We believe that bitcoin offers one of the purest means of exchange. It provides liberation from the confines of antiquated federal monetary systems, which are manipulated by large corporations and government interests.

We work with a software company that allows us to invest in Bitcoin mining contract (also known as cloud mining/cloud hashing) It enables pools of users tthe ability to purchase portions of server capacity within a data center/server farm. We are providing an opportunity for people who would not otherwise have the means to purchase such server space and the ability to mine Bitcoin. Most people do not have the technological knowledge, software, electricity, or bandwidth to functionally mine Bitcoin.

As a community, the members of Global Bitcoin Investors buy and sell currency, offer a wide array of articles on bitcoin, and explore financial opportunities related to the promulgation of bitcoin around the world.